Ultra Sites – achieve ever higher standards of consideration

The Scheme is delighted to officially announce the launch of Ultra Sites, the ultimate commitment in demonstrating considerate construction.

An Ultra Site is defined as a Scheme-registered site working with registered companies and suppliers, demonstrating and promoting the highest standards of the Scheme and actively seeking to improve not only its own performance but that of the wider construction industry, particularly through its supply chain.

The Ultra Site vision is for sites to become beacons of best practice in the construction industry and a catalyst for exceptional leadership, collaboration and innovation. An Ultra Site will be a leader in inspiring people to join the industry.

Benefits of becoming an Ultra Site
  • Greater collaboration with the supply chain, and the Scheme, in working towards a shared goal
  • Attract and inspire the next generation of construction professionals
  • Create greater efficiencies through sharing resources with the supply chain
  • Become the standard to which all considerate constructors aspire to
  • Additional guidance from Scheme Monitors and enhanced support materials
  • Unified and consistent communication with all project stakeholders
  • Attend regular development meetings and raise your profile
  • Exclusive Scheme branding and signage

In 2015, the Scheme ran the Ultra Site pilot with a consortium of some of the country’s leading contractors and industry clients, and it would like to thank these organisations for their dedication and support. With their assistance, the Ultra Site initiative has been developed and refined so that it is the ultimate commitment in demonstrating considerate construction.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy says:

We’re delighted to be an organisation spearheading greater collaboration across the industry. The construction industry is acutely aware of its need to work more closely together, and is increasingly realising the commercial, social and environmental benefits of greater integration. Ultra Sites are the next level of achieving even greater standards and collaboration across the entire industry.

It means that we can extend our positive influence to organisations not typically registered with the Scheme. To date, over 100,000 sites have been monitored by the Scheme, and because the very nature of monitoring sites is on-the-ground, in real-time – we’re ideally placed to encourage and evaluate collaborative activities.

How to become an Ultra Site

During the online Site Registration process, sites will be given the option of applying for Ultra Site status and will be notified of the appropriate fee (which is in addition to the standard registration cost).

A Scheme Monitor will then be in touch with the named contact to confirm understanding of the commitment that has been made and to assess the site’s suitability before processing any further.

To register a site with the Scheme and apply for Ultra Site status, please click here

For more information on Ultra Sites, please click here