Ultra Site Registration

The UK’s largest construction projects have a unique opportunity to be industry leaders in considerate practice given their scale and potential to impact local communities, the environment, their workforce and supply chain.

The primary aim of Ultra Site registration is to ensure that the largest construction projects become beacons of best practice in the industry and a catalyst for exceptional leadership, collaboration and innovation. The Main Contractor(s) commits the site to the highest standards of considerate construction and actively seeks to improve not only its own performance but that of the wider construction industry through its supply chain.

A collaborative approach between the Client, Main Contractor and their supply chain is required. Through specifying that the supply chain registers individually with the Scheme, the Ultra Site seeks to raise standards on their own site and influence the performance and behaviour of their supply chain.

Ultra Site registration includes:

  • Assurance of Ultra Sites on site activities against the Code of Considerate Practice for specifically registered sites and projects.
  • Monitoring against the Code of Considerate Practice and the Ultra Sites stated objectives.
  • Increased frequency of monitoring beyond standard Site Registration, with a report identifying your performance against the Code of Considerate Practice and your stated objectives, helping to focus continual improvement.
  • Once achieved, a certificate of conformance with performance level.
  • Ultra Site CCS registration logo to demonstrate your Scheme registration for use on your registered Sites and projects.
  • Ultra Site specific and CCS branded registration materials.
  • Opportunity to purchase additional materials.
  • Listing on the Scheme’s website.
  • Eligible for entry into an Ultra Site award category within the Considerate Constructors Scheme awards.
  • Ability for the Main Contractor(s) and the Client to see the reports of the Sub Contractors and suppliers registered in connection with the Ultra Site registration and to benchmark their performance against the Scheme.
  • Opportunities for networking, learning and contributing best practice.
  • A public support line to address concerns from the general public.
  • Access to an Insights Dashboard to manage your considerate practice journey and track your performance.

  • Main Contractors and/or Joint Ventures of sites of any value with a duration greater than 18 months may become Ultra Sites.
  • From 2023 registration as an Ultra Site will become a mandatory requirement for all new sites with a contract value of £100m and above in recognition of the importance of the supply chain in delivering considerate practice for projects of this scale.

Requirements of registration include:

  • Making a commitment that a percentage of the supply chain will be separately registered under the Schemes Organisation registration, at a level agreed with the Scheme at the outset.
  • Undertaking the Leadership and Culture module and Environmental, Social and Workforce Wellbeing module (when available).
  • Registration as an Ultra Site must take place at the procurement/contract stage to allow supply chain commitments to be included.
  • Becoming a CLOCS champion in order to demonstrate the highest standards of road safety and protect the community.
  • The Site would normally be expected to have a duration of at least 18 months and must commit to register for the whole duration of the project.

To find out more about the criteria that must be met to become an Ultra Site, please read the Ultra Site Terms of Reference.

Monitoring included

One pre-start up visit (defines objectives including supply chain commitment percentage).

  • Four site visits per annum.


There are a wide range of benefits in becoming an Ultra Site, which include:

  • Achieving greater working relationships and gaining efficiencies through improved collaboration with the supply chain
  • Being recognised as an industry leader and being a ‘Beacon of Best Practice’ which all considerate constructors aspire to
  • Helping to attract and inspire the next generation of construction professionals
  • Providing unified and consistent communications with all project stakeholders
  • Attending regular development meetings and raising your profile amongst the industry
  • Showcasing Ultra Site status through the Scheme’s national communication channels, such as the Scheme’s e-newsletter, Industry Image, website news stories, case studies, social media and through unique PR opportunities, such as press activity and media interviews.

Monitoring and support

As well as the multiple benefits listed above, these sites will receive guidance and support from the Scheme’s most experienced Monitors. Prior to confirming Ultra Site status, an initial advisory meeting will be held. This meeting is designed to ascertain the site’s suitability to become an Ultra Site and to discuss the commitment required. It will enable the Monitor to establish proposals for subcontractor packages for the project and get an indication of the number of subcontractors and suppliers so that these registrations can be monitored.

The Ultra Site may also request an advisory meeting before monitoring visits for an additional fee. The Monitor will also assess registered companies and suppliers on the site, and the reports will be made available to the main contractor for review and analysis.

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Ultra Site Terms of Reference

Case Studies

A number of Ultra Sites have provided case studies which include perspectives from the supply chain and the client about how they have benefited from being an Ultra Site. Click on each project below to read these case studies.

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