Ultra Sites

The concept of Ultra Sites was introduced after Canary Wharf Contractors suggested increased collaboration between clients, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Adopting this idea, the Scheme developed Ultra Sites – the ultimate pinnacle of considerate construction, aimed at increasing industry standards by registering not just the site, but the supply chain as well.

Canary Wharf Contractors is transforming London’s South Bank with a unique mixed-use development of offices, homes and retail units for its Southbank Place Ultra Site.

Due for completion in 2019, Canary Wharf Group has undertaken the joint venture with Qatari Diar and is working as Construction Manager of the project, revitalising the area with high quality architecture and modernised public spaces.

The well-known Shell Centre Tower will remain the centrepiece of the new site and this will be complemented by eight new buildings, one of which will incorporate new offices and trading floors for Shell.

Plans for the development also include a highly efficient energy centre which will reduce the carbon footprint of the complex.

 A natural Ultra Site choice

Commenting on why this exciting landmark project was chosen as a CCS Ultra Site, Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd’s Project Executive, Richard Lines said: “It was chosen as an Ultra Site in order to bring our trade contractors to the same expectations that we place upon ourselves; also because of our long relationship with the Considerate Constructors Scheme.”

Outlining the benefits of Ultra Site status, Richard said: “We get the opportunity to communicate with people from other projects and learn best practice ideas that we can implement on our site.”

Richard said that being an Ultra Site improved supply chain collaboration because all organisations involved in the project were working towards the same goal, with suppliers and subcontractors all striving for higher standards.

Increased engagement with the supply chain was achieved by the Canary Wharf Contractors project team “leading by example” to encourage increased input from the trade contractors involved in the project.

Supply chain best practice

One way Canary Wharf Contractors ensured effective engagement with the supply chain was to hold regular co-ordination meetings and daily inspections on site.

Richard explained: “We require all of our project, construction and logistics managers to go on site at least once a month to engage with the operatives in relation to how they are carrying out the works – and guide them to understand whether they are working safely or not.

“We then expect reports of these discussions that are sent to our Health and Safety Manager, who gathers the statistics.”

Commenting on the lessons learnt from the pilot, Richard said: “The best practice ideas discussed during the meetings with the other Ultra Site members were very useful.

About the Project:

Development of:

  • 530,000 sq ft office accommodation
  • 48,000 sq ft retail units
  • 800,000 sq ft residential units

Canary Wharf Group joint venture with Qatari Diar

Scheduled for completion

“We were delighted to be the first choice construction company to work with CCS on the creation of the Ultra Sites concept. Our award winning construction sites are staunch supporters of the Considerate Constructors Scheme and we believe that Ultra Sites will help us and our supply chain to create new standards for considerate construction. This will bring significant benefits to our work force and to the local community.”

Cormac MacCrann
Managing Director
Canary Wharf Contractors

Ultra sites are raising the standard for the public and for the operatives, who in return will expect more from their companies. Ultra Sites are progressive and informative”

Richard Lines
Project Executive
Canary Wharf Contractors

“We learnt to make the distinction between a CCS-registered site and an Ultra Site, where the expectations are considerably higher.”

Invaluable advice to contractors

Giving advice to other contractors considering registering as an Ultra Site – and the supply chain working alongside them – Richard said: “To the contractors we would advise that Ultra Site projects will require a much higher standard of interaction with the supply chain.

“To the supply chain we would advise that it offers a general prequalification in the tender process.”

Asked whether Canary Wharf Contractors would consider registering further projects as Ultra Sites in the future, Richard said: “Yes, we are aiming to register Wood Wharf that is located in Canary Wharf.

“Ultra Sites are raising the standard for the public and for the operatives, who in return will expect more from their companies. Ultra Sites are progressive and informative.”

Canary Wharf

A supply chain perspective

The Scheme asked Ian Kennedy, Quality Manager for Kilnbridge – a supplier to this Ultra Site – a few questions about its involvement:

How did you become involved with Canary Wharf Contractors on this Ultra Site project?
Kilnbridge were already a member of the Considerate Constructors Scheme prior to commencing works on the Southbank Place Ultra Site. We had previously joined to promote the CCS Code of Considerate Practice on another CWCL Ultra Site (Wood Wharf).

What are the benefits of being associated with an Ultra Site project?
It endorses our commitment to the Scheme and also improves our image as being associated to an Ultra Site.

What were the challenges of being a supplier to an Ultra Site project?
Limited input/control, as only able to manage our direct area of work (builders work package).

Would you recommend working on an Ultra Site to other suppliers?

What advice would you offer other suppliers considering working on a CCS Ultra Site?
Facilitate early engagement with the Client to understand the expected Ultra Site standards.

How effective was engagement with the main contractor in relation to communicating the expected Ultra Site standards?
We communicated at tender stage and during the pre-start meeting.

How did you incorporate the requirements into your working practices and did this require any additional resources?
Consolidated deliveries/collections and company branding on all PPE but no additional resources required.

How does the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice support your company’s values, standards, policies or ethos?
It draws attention to areas that we can continue to work on and improve, i.e. community engagement and communication with our workforce.

How do you feel Ultra Sites are improving the image of construction?
It’s a collaborative approach from all parties, and encourages a positive promotion of the work that we do within the local communities where we work.

Please provide some examples of best practice implemented on this project.
HavWear (to monitor HAVs); LED Task Lightening; Re-use of timber (re-use of shutters/formwork); Consolidated Deliveries/Collections where possible to minimise vehicle movements.

Would you consider engaging with other Ultra Sites in the future?

Could you sum up in once sentence your overall experience as a supplier to one of the Scheme’s Ultra Sites?
Working together to improve the image of construction.