Ultra Sites

Galliford Try Partnerships South East was one of 11 contractors who helped develop Ultra Sites by being an integral part of the pilot phase for the past two years.

By registering its Protheroe House project in Haringey, North London as an Ultra Site, Galliford Try Partnerships UK ensured that all of its subcontractors and suppliers made a united effort to work together and raise standards even higher.

Sarah Littleford, Divisional Business Information and Sustainability Manager, Galliford Try Partnerships UK outlines why and how Protheroe House achieved Ultra Site status.

Why was Protheroe House selected as a potential Ultra Site?

“Protheroe House was chosen for a number of reasons, but mainly because the project sat within a high density residential area by a school, a number of high street businesses and local workshops, all within a mixed community.

“The size of the project also featured in our decision to use this scheme, because of the areas we would focus on to deliver exemplary best practice. The scheme itself was innovative in terms of design-and-build and on completion, enhanced the local area with flowering gardens, trees and communal areas.”

What Galliford Try learnt

“How much time we spend engaging with the supply chain and supporting them to achieve best practice, particularly with cross-training initiatives; we were able to get our supply chain to do their training on site with other trades, each sharing training and therefore upskilling individuals to gain better qualifications.

“Trialling the Ultra Site concept was time-consuming, but now we have established a plan we can use a generic template on all our sites and the teams can make it site-specific by tweaking areas.

“By involving all stakeholders we identified a plan much earlier on and found we had much more support to achieve targets for all to benefit from.”

About the Project:

Construction of 50-bed extra care facility in Haringey

Project value
£9.2 million

One Housing Group

Project Completed

Supplier’s perspective
Promech Services

“To keep driving best practice we need to refresh ideas and objectives and this initiative is a natural progression towards improving the image of construction.”

Sarah Littleford
Divisional Business Information and
Sustainability Manager
Galliford Try Partnerships UK

Successful supply chain collaboration

The project team communicated the expected standards with its subcontractors and suppliers by taking the following steps:

  • We requested trade contractors to register with the Ultra Site as part of the tender process
  • Many contractors were already putting CCS principles in place, but were not getting the rewards, so registering recognised their considerate efforts
  • The benefits to contractors, the site and the community were explained in tender meetings and regularly on site, with regular review updates provided
  • Benefits of being part of CCS were covered in site inductions and progress meetings

Advantages of becoming an Ultra Site

  • Strengthens of relationships between stakeholders and the supply chain
  • Creates heightened awareness of sustainable issues
  • Increases best practice among all stakeholders
  • Increases awareness through branding and marketing
  • Shows that excellence can be achieved
Galliford Try1


A supplier’s perspective

Tony Elder from Promech Services – Galliford Try’s mechanical trade contractor – outlined his experiences of working on this Ultra Site:

“We got involved with Galliford Try on this project which was an Ultra Site so we became a Registered Supplier with Scheme. One of the benefits of being associated with an Ultra Site project was that we learnt a lot more about the local community who was involved with the painting of the hoardings.

“As a company we have changed our approach to the local community and our own employees as a result of being involved with this Ultra Site.”

Tony said another benefit was implementing the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice as it had been a useful guidance tool for the management and workforce.