Ultra Sites

Long-term Scheme Partner Kier Construction Ltd’s flagship Sports Park 2 project at the University of South Wales has received exceptional scores from the Scheme.

Kier Western and Wales pioneered the contractor’s very first Ultra Site in the UK – a new coaching and performance development centre in Treforest, Pontypridd, including an indoor training facility for both rugby and football.

Led by contracts manager, Ian Williams, and project manager, Gavin Thomas, this project received an ‘exceptional’ (45/50) score during its first CCS Monitor visit in June 2017.

The enormous levels of consideration demonstrated on this project culminated in a final score of 46 out of 50, including a community innovation score of 10/10 for the design and production of an interactive online game Shaping Your World, to promote construction as a career to young people.

An overview

The £11m Sports Park 2 facility is being built at the University of South Wales (USW) as part of continued investment.

The USW Sports Park extension in Treforest is a circa 10,150m² new build state-of-the-art coaching and performance development centre. It includes a new indoor training facility for both rugby and football, incorporating a synthetic 4G training pitch to FIFA Pro and World Rugby 22 standard.

The new facility is designed as a sustainable development, utilising Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems as well as low energy heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting where possible.

Why is it an Ultra Site?

Kier Construction Western and Wales Contracts Manager Ian Williams said: “We heard of the pilot scheme and were keen to understand how we could introduce the principles of the CCS into the supply chain. We thought the scale and nature of Sports Park 2 was suitable for the pilot.”

It was felt that Sports Park 2 had gone above and beyond in embedding all aspects of the Considerate Constructors Scheme requirements. This was with regard to its appearance, its approach to the local community, protection of the environment, ensuring everyone’s safety and developing innovative ideas.

About the project

Project value
£11.2 million

University of South Wales

We are very proud that Kier was awarded its very first CCS Ultra Site at Sports Park 2. Congratulations to the Western and Wales team for pioneering this initiative in Kier and for managing one of the first CCS Ultra Sites in Wales.

Jackie Ducker
Group Customer Experience Director
Kier Group

“Kier are currently looking to register further schemes as an Ultra Site across the Western and Wales region. Being an Ultra Site has been exciting and collaborative team work with outstanding success.”

Ian Williams
Contracts Manager
Kier Construction


Outlining the benefits of being an Ultra Site for Kier Construction Western and Wales, Contracts Manager Ian Williams said: “Increased exposure of the site on social media and interest was generated purely by being part of the pilot.

“This also played a part with the supply chain where the ‘Approved Ultra Site Contractor’ sticker can be displayed on their PPE and vans. Exposing the principles of the CCS to the operatives was nothing new, but now having buy-in from the subcontractor companies was a step up. This means our subcontractors now have embraced the Scheme and will bring those principles to all of our other schemes.

“With the spotlight of being an Ultra site, our client was also keen to further understand the Scheme.”


Improved supply chain collaboration

Explaining how being an Ultra Site improved collaboration with the supply chain, Ian said: “By enabling the supply chain to converse and share their views on the CCS, improved not only the supply chain’s understanding of our workload external to the site activities, but also our view of what the supply chain gets involved in outside of our general business. These are all great things that we can collectively use going forward, especially to gain more community-based hours for our framework KPIs etc.”

Advice for other Ultra Sites

Pinpointing the key lessons learnt from the pilot, Ian said: “Start the Scheme before the contract is awarded so the signing-up part can be included with the tenders and so that workshops can be set up before works commence.

“The support given by the Monitor was of great assistance throughout the project. This helped make integrating the principles easier within the supply chain.”

Giving advice to other contractors who may consider registering as an Ultra Site, Ian said: “Consider becoming an Ultra Site early within the project and include all parties – client and supply chain, as well as preconditions and aftercare. Also realise there is an uplift in cost associated.”

Asked if Kier would consider registering future projects as Ultra Sites, Ian said: “Yes, I would like to think that all my sites going forward would be Ultra Sites.

“Kier are currently looking to register further schemes as an Ultra Site across the Western and Wales region. Being an Ultra Site has been exciting with collaborative team work and outstanding success.”