Ultra Sites

A truly collaborative approach to construction has been demonstrated by Mulalley and Company Ltd’s multi-award winning Haringey Major Works Ultra Site project.

Mulalley’s flagship project was completed in December 2016, fulfilling a two-year contract with the London Borough of Haringey to provide over 2000 decent homes for residents.

It also gained valuable experience as a company from Ultra Site participation and is keen to implement the new processes and initiatives learned from Haringey Major Works to its other sites.

Mulalley’s Associate Director for Sustainability, Peter Sharman said: “Mulalley are very pleased to have been involved at the start of the Ultra Site pilot and believe strongly in the importance of supply chain engagement and collaboration.

“This has been one of the primary areas of focus for us, from the very early pre-start supply chain workshop, all the way to our supply chain awards ceremony on the final day of the project.

“This exemplary commitment was recognised through an external Supply Chain Collaboration Award. We also sought to ensure that this Ultra Site project was our beacon of best construction practice within our company and were pleased that it received a Gold National Site Award in 2016.”

Peter added: “The delivery of a successful Ultra Site requires leadership and a holistic approach to ensure the highest standards are met and maintained across the whole supply chain.

About the Project

Construction of 2000 homes

London Borough of Haringey

Supplier’s perspective
Mattison Scaffolding

As the client, Homes for Haringey take great pleasure in seeing true collaborative and collective working and partnering coming to fruition.

Thomas Farrell
Strategic Manager
Decent Homes, Homes for Haringey

“As a founder Partner of the CCS, it is important and reassuring to still be at the forefront of improving best practice through innovation and we are grateful for this opportunity to be one of the first contractors to deliver a successful Ultra Site.”

With the project’s main operational hub situated in Lower Park Road, Alexander Place, Southgate, Mulalley refurbished hundreds of properties, predominantly flats and dwellings managed by Homes for Haringey.

ultra site mulalley
A supplier and client’s perspective

Reinforcing the award-winning ethos of this truly collaborative project, Mattison Scaffolding Ltd was awarded a CCS Most Considerate Company Runner-up award in 2016, demonstrating its dedicated commitment to considerate construction.

Mattison’s Managing Director, Scott Mattison said: “The Scheme promotes good practice for the benefit of all working in the industry and all that are affected by its undertakings, and we are pleased to be part of the Ultra Site initiative with Mulalley.”

Commenting on winning the RRC/TPC Award 2015, Mulalley Operations Director Bruce Benson said: “We are very proud to win this award recognising our outstanding collaborative efforts for our work in Haringey.

“Working together brings many benefits, not just to the community and the environment, but to those actually working on sites, the various companies involved, as well as the client.”