Ultra Sites

Leading UK contractor Mulalley’s second flagship Ultra Site registration is the Chauncy Residential Development in Ware, Hertfordshire, delivering much-needed affordable homes.
Mulalley are working with housing association Network Homes – a Client Partner of the Considerate Constructors Scheme – to deliver this £8.7m project of 18 semi-detached houses and 29 apartments, including car parking and amenity space.

The Chauncy Residential Development is due to be fully completed at the beginning of June 2018, with some of the houses being completed and handed over by Easter.

In addition to this site being Mulalley’s second Ultra Site, the Chauncy development in Ware became the Scheme’s 100,000th site registration in 2017.

 A culture of working together

Outlining the benefits of this project being an Ultra Site, Mulalley’s Operations Director, John Moore said:

“We were delighted to engage Network Homes to become a Client Partner of the Scheme. They have appreciated the site being an Ultra Site.”

Leaving a lasting legacy

Commenting on why the site was recognised by the Scheme as an Ultra Site, John said: “The Chauncy development demonstrates excellence and full compliance with improving and promoting the image of construction.

“The project has demonstrated excellent leadership and a commitment to working together with our Client and the local community. This has been evidenced by Mulalley’s engagement with the Client’s chosen charities and work and also with community liaison.

“We also intend to leave a lasting legacy in testimony of the Scheme. We embraced the CLOCS initiative on this site and had a very positive audit report commending our compliance with the CLOCS standard.”

Discussing the benefits of Ultra Site status to the workforce and supply chain on site, John said: “The workforce have benefitted from excellent facilities – including eco cabins, modern shower units, clean, safe and tidy working conditions, as well as Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and e-learning opportunities.

“The culture on the site has been inspiring and encouraging, and a happy workforce is a productive one.”

A positive statement to local people

Commenting on the exemplary standards being achieved on this flagship Ultra Site, Network Homes’ Executive Director of Development, Vicky Savage said: “We look forward to continuing our work with the Considerate Constructors Scheme and providing fantastic new homes with Mulalley at the Chauncy Residential Development.”

About the project
Construction of 18 semi-detached houses and 29 apartments

Project value
£8.7 million

Network Homes

Scheduled for completion
June 2018

“A greater degree of collaboration has been realised on this site as a result of it being an Ultra Site. We have noticed a better culture of working together and supporting one another, including addressing some challenging issues.”

John Moore
Operations Director

“It’s really important that we provide high quality affordable homes for the communities we work in. This is a positive statement to local people, letting them know we take construction standards seriously.”

Vicky Savage
Executive Director of Development
Network Homes