Ultra Sites

The inaugural National Ultra Site Awards took place on 12 July 2018, marking an exciting movement towards greater collaboration across the construction industry.

The Awards were a momentous occasion for the entire construction industry; representing significant progress in how construction sites, the supply chain and clients were increasingly working together to raise standards throughout the construction process.

As a model of best practice for the industry, the ultimate objective of Ultra Sites is to provide the next level of achieving even greater standards and collaboration across the entire industry – to improve not only their own performance but that of the wider construction industry, particularly through their supply chain.

The Awards recognised top-performing Ultra Sites in 10 categories of excellence.

Each category represented the key attributes of being an exceptional Ultra Site, from collaboration to community engagement, client recognition and innovation.

See below for all of the winners at the 2018 National Ultra Site Awards and case studies on how they reached this exceptionally high level of achievement.

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