Ultra Sites

There are many demands on those working on a construction site and it is vital that time, money and resources are used as effectively as possible. Companies with common aims and objectives can pool resources and inevitably deliver a higher standard of work with greater efficiency.

With great leadership and collective responsibility, fewer issues are likely to arise, and where they do it is far more likely that these would be dealt with promptly and professionally. Working in collaboration also removes overlap and duplication. Do trade contractors need to deal with their waste separately? Should they all work individually with the community?

When it comes to liaising with those affected by construction activity, and the wider community, it is advantageous for the project to deliver a consistent message, rather than several companies communicating separately, often leading to confusion and frustration. An all-encompassing programme of communication covering all relevant works will lead to better relationships with neighbours and less opportunity for mixed or missed messages.

An Ultra Site will understand that innovation is crucial to the future of the construction industry and will be one that offers an environment that nurtures creativity. At the same time it will recognise that the industry needs new talent to sustain itself and grow, and as a result it will become a leader in inspiring people to join the industry.