Ultra Sites

Willmott Partnership Homes’ private residential development alongside the River Trent in Nottingham is a beacon for best practice as one of the Scheme’s Ultra Site pilots

Trent Basin in Nottingham is one of a number of groundbreaking Ultra Site pilots trialling this collaborative approach to Scheme registration.

Serving as bastions of best practice for the entire industry, Ultra Sites are raising the bar by working alongside clients, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, all united under the Scheme umbrella.

The concept behind Ultra Site status is to take considerate construction to the highest level by stipulating that a number of suppliers and subcontractors engaged with a site also register with the Scheme.

Willmott Partnership Homes adopted this approach on its Trent Basin Ultra Site – a new waterside neighbourhood of low energy contemporary homes alongside the River Trent. The project was a relatively small one for an Ultra Site, but the concept was just as successfully embraced.

Achieving at least excellent scores in all main sections of the Checklist, Willmott projected an impressive overall appearance as an industry ambassador and this professionalism was reflected in all other areas.

Exceptional levels of community engagement included introducing work experience initiatives and providing employment for young people. Over 300 site visits were arranged and the site also took part in the national Open Doors programme, to enable the public to look around the site.

Of particular note were the improvement works the site carried out for a local community centre, as well as holding collections and providing donations to other good local causes.

About the project

Collaboration between Blueprint and Nottingham City Council

Regenerating 3.5ha within the Nottingham Waterside regeneration zone into a new community midway between city centre and countryside.

“The key benefits of being an Ultra Site are that it gives a more professional outlook for the clients and visitors. Ultra Sites are extremely important as they encourage you to improve your standards. More awareness has been given to our supply chain and how important collaboration is on our sites.”

Site Manager
Chris Hall
Willmott Partnership Homes

Willmott Dixon1

The Scheme Monitor said of this Ultra Site: “The housing development site is located in what has been solely an industrial area. However, since Shaun Moses, the Site Manager took over the site part way, with the help of his colleague Jayne Stocks, a great deal of hard work has been carried out in developing community links with a nearby residential community group.

“This required Shaun and Jayne to initially convince the group that expanding to the adjacent ‘industrial’ area was for the benefit of all. Once communication had been established, there was an enthusiastic commitment to get involved in many initiatives to support the group. Both Shaun and Jayne should be commended for this perseverance and hard work.”