Update on the new Code and Checklist


Earlier this year, the Considerate Constructors Scheme announced that it will be launching a new Code of Considerate Practice in January 2013 as well as new Checklists, new report formats and a new scoring system for both Site and Company Registration.

The new Code of Considerate Practice will be split into five sections – appearance, community, environment, safety and workforce – and is made up of a series of bullet points rather than the current narrative style.

The Checklist has been reduced from over 100 questions to just 50 across the new five sections. It still includes a small number of bold questions which reflect the Scheme’s core expectations of all sites and will allow the Monitor to quickly ascertain basic compliance with the Scheme’s Code.

Each section will also include a series of open questions to encourage discussion between the Monitor and site manager which looks at performance beyond compliance. The Checklist also includes a series of prompts to guide registered sites and companies on the expectations of the questions.

Looking at the scoring, each of the five sections will be scored out of ten points giving a total achievable score of 50 points, with a five point score in any one section indicating compliance. There will no longer be half point scoring, and each score from one to ten will be accompanied by a clear and concise score descriptor so that sites understand why a particular score has been awarded.

References to ‘exceptional and unique’ activities have been replaced with a maximum score in any section being achieved by not only addressing all questions within that section to a high level, but also demonstrating innovative behaviour.

Finally, the new report will be spread over two pages with an executive summary and the listing of any innovative activities or initiatives witnessed by the Monitor. The Scheme will still use bold italic text to highlight areas where items on the Checklist have not been addressed or to indicate potential areas for improvement.

The Scheme’s Monitors were trained in the new documentation in the regional Monitors’ meetings held across the UK this spring, and are now testing the new Checklist and scoring system on visits they are conducting on live sites. The feedback from the Monitors has been extremely positive across the board and the new Code and Checklist allows sites and companies more scope to expand on their good practice initiatives, whilst encouraging ever higher standards of consideration. The most recent versions of the Code and Checklist were also shown at the latest Associate Members’ and Client Partners’ meetings where both groups commented that the changes are an extremely positive evolution of the Scheme.

Following the summer testing on our registered sites, a review is scheduled for August and September before launching the final versions to the Monitors in the autumn regional meetings to be held in October. Following these meetings, the Scheme will formally roll out the new documentation so that everyone can be prepared for the changes on 1st January 2013.

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2012, there is a clear implementation plan in place with some key events and milestones ahead:

  • The Scheme will be delivering a number of regional events to explain the new Scheme in more detail.
    More information on these sessions is available by clicking here or contacting the Scheme’s administration office on 0800 783 1423.
  • The Scheme is liaising with BREEAM and other accreditation bodies to ensure they are ready for the changes and are amending their rating systems to take into account the new scoring structure. The Scheme will also be communicating with government bodies and local authorities.
  • There is a process in place to review and update all Scheme documentation and marketing material including the Site Manager’s Guide, Examples of Good Practice etc., as well as the Scheme’s website, to bring them in line with the changes. The Scheme’s films will also be reviewed to ensure they remain up to date and relevant.
  • The Scheme is developing flyers for Monitors to distribute to site managers over the last quarter to explain the changes to the Code and Checklist so that they are well prepared for the beginning of 2013.
  • The Scheme’s Seminars and Workshops will be updated to reflect the changes and will be rolled out across the UK in early 2013.
  • The changes being made will also apply to companies who have registered under Company Registration, and the Scheme is currently working on updating the relevant Checklists for testing later in the year.

Once the change has taken place, the Scheme will initiate an intensive review program in early 2013 to ensure the new reports continue to represent an accurate and fair assessment of the visits, and the Scheme will liaise closely with its registered sites and companies to gather feedback for further reviews.

Edward Hardy, Chief Executive of the Scheme, said:

From now until the end of this year, the Scheme will be very busy in ensuring there is a smooth transition to the new five point Code and Checklist at the beginning of 2013. The Scheme’s Monitors are currently testing the new Checklist while they’re carrying out their assessments and the feedback so far has been extremely encouraging.

There is still much work to be done before this year’s end but we’re confident that this change will greatly benefit our registered sites and companies. Ultimately though, it is important to remember that our aim remains as it ever has been – to improve the image of construction.