Waste management specialist Norris makes Scheme history as first Supplier Partner

The Scheme is delighted to welcome established waste management company, Norris, as its first ever Supplier Partner.

This new type of Scheme partnership has been introduced to enable long-term registered suppliers to demonstrate and promote the highest standards of considerate construction, while forging closer relationships with the Scheme.

Norris has been serving the construction industry, local communities and businesses for over 40 years and has enjoyed a long and successful history with the Scheme, receiving one Most Considerate Supplier and five Most Considerate Supplier Runner-up Awards in succession.

Kieron Norris, Norris’s Sales Director said about this new venture with the Scheme: “The move from Company Partner to Supplier Partner made complete sense for Norris as the profile was far more appropriate for our interaction with the main contractors and subcontractors that make up the majority of our customer base.

“Norris has always been proud to be a market-leader in our industry and we see being the first CCS Supplier Partner as a privilege and an honour.

“Our ethos has always been to constantly improve and develop our business model, in not only delivering our customers’ requirements which are constantly evolving, but also to take into consideration the public and community’s perception of our industry.”

Benchmarking and Motivation

Kieron said that as a Supplier Partner, Norris is able to benchmark, on a national level, their own standards against those of their peers, giving them great motivation to continue to excel.

He also said that Supplier Partner registration furthers the company’s confidence of the impact of its image to its customers – both potential and existing.

Opening new doors

Commenting on the potential future opportunities, Kieron said: “As more local authorities, councils and governing bodies now place an emphasis on recognised standards, we hope that the Supplier Partner registration will open many doors and opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable.

“As a Supplier Partner we also envisage greater engagement with new customers and clients to forge solid and successful working relationships.”

Scheme Benefits

Kieron said that Norris’s registration and association with the Scheme had given the company a competitive advantage when being considered by potential customers for their projects.

He said: “Now in its twenty-first year, the Scheme is undeniably the industry standard when it comes to improvement, progress and, in so many cases, excellence.

“I believe that having the CCS branding on our vehicles, uniforms, PPE and other marketing mediums gives the construction industry and the observing public reassurance that we are committed to delivering an outstanding level of service.”

Awards Successes

Achieving a string of Gold awards every year since 2012, Norris attributes its ongoing successes to a strong management team that believes in valuing every employee and every customer.

Kieron said: “Professionalism has always been paramount to us and I am confident that it is a word synonymous with the Norris name in our industry.

“We are open-minded and pragmatic in our approach to the ongoing success of the company. We encourage good, constant, company-wide communication, and careful consideration is given to any ideas or suggestions for improvement.

“We also have a customer feedback programme in place, which helps to improve or correct any aspect of our service that may be anything less than excellent. In addition, we have an internal CCS board that meets once a month to discuss new ideas and their implementation.”

Scheme recommendation

Asked if he would recommend registration with the Scheme to other suppliers, Kieron said: “Yes certainly; we have always spoken highly of the Scheme and the benefits its registration brings.

“We have been approached many times over the years by interested parties to discuss the Scheme and what it can do for business. We have updated all company branded items to reflect the Supplier Partner registration and communicate the news to all of our customers.”

Summing up Norris’s ongoing partnership with the Scheme, Kieron said: “Norris is proud to be recognised and associated with the Considerate Constructors Scheme; it is a partnership that we value and hope will continue for many years to come.”

Just like all Scheme Partners, Supplier Partners are invited to two meetings a year, giving them the opportunity to meet with other Partners, receive the latest Scheme updates and make any suggestions for improvement.

Partners also get full access to the Scheme’s online Portal, allowing them to benchmark and compare themselves against others in the industry. They also have the opportunity to sit on various development groups within the Scheme.