Wembley Park developer Quintain joins as 51st Client Partner

The Scheme welcomes Quintain as 51st Client Partner committed to improving the image of the construction industry.

As a Client Partner with the Scheme, Quintain has made a commitment to improving the image of the construction industry by recommending Scheme registration to all construction sites they control. Client Partners are expected to also encourage compliance with all aspects of the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice on all their registered sites and companies.

Since first acquiring Wembley Park in 2002, Quintain has already invested more than £800 million into the development of new homes, shops, hotels, public realm and community infrastructure. It now plans to invest a further £1 billion over the next five years to accelerate delivery of the project.

So far, over 1000 new homes have been delivered and a further 6000 will be built by 2020 – half of which will be under construction during 2017. The development includes a significant proportion of Affordable apartments.

Matt Voyce, Executive Director of Construction at Quintain said:

We are delighted to become a Client Partner of the Considerate Constructors scheme. The values at the heart of the Scheme are a core part of our ethos at Wembley Park and we look forward to working with all contractors across the site to encourage best practice for the community, the environment and the workforce.

Considerate Constructors Scheme Chief Executive Edward Hardy said:

We are thrilled to welcome Quintain as the 51st Client Partner of the Scheme. Clients perform an essential role in helping to improve the image of the construction industry. They are in the prime position of working in collaboration with contractors and the entire supply chain to present a positive image of the industry, not just for themselves but for the industry as a whole.

Client Partnership was pioneered by the Scheme in 2007 and there are now 25 Client Partners which have been working with the Scheme for over five years. Client Partner registered sites consistently perform to a higher standard than other Scheme-registered sites, further underlining the positive impact this Partnership has on improving the image of the industry.

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